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Fat loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, a certified nutritionist and chiropractor. It is now available online combining a eBook, videos and detailed workout plans. 

What is the Fat Loss Factor?

To put it plainly, the Fat Loss Factor is a twelve-week program designed to help you drastically lose some weight. Unlike many other programs that place more focus on supplements than anything else, the Fat Loss Factor is more about eating right, exercising properly, setting goals and plans for yourself, not to forget stress management, an often-overlooked factor affecting the success of your weight loss journey.

Another factor that sets it apart from most other programs out there is that you actually have the ability to choose between different weight loss paths, selecting the one that is best-adapted to your needs, goals and abilities. As far as the exercising goes, the workout routines assigned to you will be completely adapted to your physical aptitudes. In other words, this is a program designed to suit many types of people, regardless of what they are looking to achieve with their body, ranging from those wanting to become healthier on the long-term all the way to others who simply want to lose weight as fast as possible to get rid of their unsightly belly.

All about the Fat Loss Factor program   :

The fat loss factor program consists of 2 phases. The first phase is about two weeks long, after completion of phase 1 begins phase 2, this lasts about 10 weeks. The course comes with an easy to follow ebook and videos to make things even better. Everything is available for immediate download from the fat loss factor site. I personally downloaded everything, then burned it to disc so I had a backup of it :).

The good:

  Money back guarantee on the fat loss factor program

  Fat loss comes quickly and factors in exercises

  Muscle building at the same time is included with the fat loss factor guide

  Experience higher energy levels as you lose fat
  Easy access with a 60 day refund factored in
  Down to earth reading within the fat loss factor handbook
  Ebooks and videos included for being successful with the fat loss factor program

The Bad:

  It's difficult at first (Much like most new things)

  Requires a commitment to complete the fat loss factor program

  Foods are sometimes a bit pricy

  To get full benefit, gym membership is required but not Gym exercises are included in the fat loss factor program

fat  loss factor

Linda (Age 45-54) says  (Testimony from company website)

Thank you so much guys! I am eating healthy & even have the energy 2 run around the Rose bowl track every morning @ 5:30 am!. I am planning to run my first 5 K this Saturday!!! Fat Loss Factor really does work (;

roca (Age 35-44) says (Testimony from company website)

I have been doing this program and i Have felt so much lighter and felt better. I have more energy and to top it off I have a history of constipation and now im going everyday!

Judith (Age 25-34) says (Testimony from company website)

Hey! I just started the program, and I already feel like I have more energy, and more important, to me, I don't feel like I'm starving all the time. I can't wait to see how things develop in the next couple of weeks!

Twinkle (Age 18-24) says (Testimony from company website)

I am noticing difference in my regular health systems...i sleep better and my systems getting cleaned better and my jeans are already loose on me

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