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Can You Really Lose 23 pounds in 3 weeks?

The 3 Week Diet is a new diet promising quick weight loss.  It’s creator, Brian Flatt, claims that you can lose between 12 and 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days.  It seems a lot, so do his claims stand up? Does the 3 week diet really work?

The three week diet promises fast fat loss.

Unlike some other reviews of the 3 week diet, our reviewer Karen has completed the full 21 days so if you would like to read about how she found the diet,  how much weight she lost and how much she cheated(!) click here.
The 3 week diet is basically a combination of different diets which are chained together into different phases. The diet starts with a detox phase, then an optional fasting phase followed by two different low carb phases.
As you might imagine with a diet promising such quick weight loss, the diet does seem quite extreme – and to carry out each phase to the maximum is not easy.  As Karen found, it can make you feel pretty drained to start with.  But as it’s only for 3 weeks and the final phase is the least daunting, it is achievable.  It is possible to do the diet in a slightly less extreme form, simply knowing that you’re not maximizing your weight loss.
As usual to aid weight loss, the weight loss plan includes an exercise program.  This is split into two parts both with different types of exercises.  The required exercise during the program is to walk every day before breakfast. The optional part is a  classic dumbbell based workout program, which is intended to maximize fat burning. As this workout is optional, if you’re not a fan of this type of exercise, it’s no problem, you will easily lose weight without it, but you will slim more if you put in the extra effort.
To balance against the restricted nature of the diet, standing on the scales each day and finding that you’ve lost weight is a great motivator. And that’s the thing that keeps us going through the hunger pangs of the detox and fasting phases.

Does it work?

As Karen found it, yes it does work, although if you want to get the results the sales video says is possible, then you’ll have to work a bit harder and cheat less than Karen did!
Theoretically, of course, it should work. Most of the diet phases specify low carb eating and there is a wealth of research showing that low carb is effective for weight loss.
The diet’s creator, Brian Flatt, quotes many scientific studies supporting his rationale for each phase of the diet. My personal opinion is that it looks like he’s put the diet together using a process of trial and error and then tried to find some supporting science to bulk out the manual. This would be the reason that the science and the diet don’t always match up. But regardless, the results speak for themselves.

Who is the 3 Week Diet best for?

  • The program is suitable for anyone who wants quick weight loss.
  • People who have the willpower to get them through the hunger pangs.

 Who should avoid it?

  • Anyone already on a medically supervised diet (including diabetics)
  • Vegetarians would have trouble with the detox phase unless they are very fond of eggs.

What’s included in the program?

The 3 week diet system is comprised of 4 manuals, these are:
  • The Introduction Manual – This explains why we get fat and the science behind this particular diet’s effectiveness. It discusses what to do (and not to do) while following the diet and also covers, in depth, the recommended supplements and what they do to help quicker weight loss.
  • The Diet Plan Manual – This gives step by step instructions for calculating your BMR and how it relates to what you need to eat in order to lose weight.  It explains what to eat, and when to eat it.
  • The Workout manual – This gives detailed instructions on how to perform the Full Body Fat Blasting Workout.  It includes diagrams and full instructions.
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual.  Some ideas to try and help keep you on track with the diet.  Hopefully seeing the weight loss and feeling the changes will be motivating enough.

21 Days from Right Now ??

The great thing about THE 3 WEEK DIET system is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes because I’ve made the entire system (all four manuals) available in PDF form, by Instant Download.

What Others say about The 3 Week Diet (some)  :

23 Pounds in 21 Days!


man Elisa

You don’t know me but my name is Elisa and I bought The 3 Week Diet one month ago. I want to share my weight loss story with you, Brian.

Since having my first child, I've been carrying around an extra 30 pounds. I've tried many diets and couldn't make anything work. Your diet just made sense and showed me that everything I was doing before was wrong and a waste of my time.

The 3 Week Diet plan was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything you said and lost 23 pounds in the first three weeks. I’m now starting the diet again to lose 7 more pounds. You have changed my life, and I am incredibly thankful.

Elisa G.

For More Visit here to see them : Click Here

What price fast weight loss?

The program costs 97$  $47!

Is there a guarantee

100% satisfaction, 60 day money back guarantee.  Lose weight or get your money back!

60 Days Money Back Guarantee
This image is from the official Website !


How can I buy it?


Only $47

Fat loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, a certified nutritionist and chiropractor. It is now available online combining a eBook, videos and detailed workout plans. 

What is the Fat Loss Factor?

To put it plainly, the Fat Loss Factor is a twelve-week program designed to help you drastically lose some weight. Unlike many other programs that place more focus on supplements than anything else, the Fat Loss Factor is more about eating right, exercising properly, setting goals and plans for yourself, not to forget stress management, an often-overlooked factor affecting the success of your weight loss journey.

Another factor that sets it apart from most other programs out there is that you actually have the ability to choose between different weight loss paths, selecting the one that is best-adapted to your needs, goals and abilities. As far as the exercising goes, the workout routines assigned to you will be completely adapted to your physical aptitudes. In other words, this is a program designed to suit many types of people, regardless of what they are looking to achieve with their body, ranging from those wanting to become healthier on the long-term all the way to others who simply want to lose weight as fast as possible to get rid of their unsightly belly.

All about the Fat Loss Factor program   :

The fat loss factor program consists of 2 phases. The first phase is about two weeks long, after completion of phase 1 begins phase 2, this lasts about 10 weeks. The course comes with an easy to follow ebook and videos to make things even better. Everything is available for immediate download from the fat loss factor site. I personally downloaded everything, then burned it to disc so I had a backup of it :).

The good:

  Money back guarantee on the fat loss factor program

  Fat loss comes quickly and factors in exercises

  Muscle building at the same time is included with the fat loss factor guide

  Experience higher energy levels as you lose fat
  Easy access with a 60 day refund factored in
  Down to earth reading within the fat loss factor handbook
  Ebooks and videos included for being successful with the fat loss factor program

The Bad:

  It's difficult at first (Much like most new things)

  Requires a commitment to complete the fat loss factor program

  Foods are sometimes a bit pricy

  To get full benefit, gym membership is required but not Gym exercises are included in the fat loss factor program

fat  loss factor

Linda (Age 45-54) says  (Testimony from company website)

Thank you so much guys! I am eating healthy & even have the energy 2 run around the Rose bowl track every morning @ 5:30 am!. I am planning to run my first 5 K this Saturday!!! Fat Loss Factor really does work (;

roca (Age 35-44) says (Testimony from company website)

I have been doing this program and i Have felt so much lighter and felt better. I have more energy and to top it off I have a history of constipation and now im going everyday!

Judith (Age 25-34) says (Testimony from company website)

Hey! I just started the program, and I already feel like I have more energy, and more important, to me, I don't feel like I'm starving all the time. I can't wait to see how things develop in the next couple of weeks!

Twinkle (Age 18-24) says (Testimony from company website)

I am noticing difference in my regular health systems...i sleep better and my systems getting cleaned better and my jeans are already loose on me

$97 $47
Our Rating:
 rating rating rating rating rating

3 Great Weight loss Tips !

Losing weight isn't easy. However, it isn't as difficult as some of you might believe. It only takes a few small changes in your life style to begin seeing a noticeable difference. The more positive changes that you make, the more fat that will begin to melt away. Losing weight is about more than just losing a few pounds. Losing weight is also about living healthier. Living a healthier life is essential if you want to grow old without high risk of developing serious illnesses or diseases. Obesity is directly related to several serious conditions involving heart problems and high blood pressure.
Understand serving sizes. If you choose the right foods, but eat too much of them, your weight-loss plan won't work. In fact, a common mistake by dieters is to overeat organic foods and foods that are perceived to be healthy. 
Count calories. Some weight-loss plans may advertise that calorie counting is not necessary. But the bottom line is that weight loss happens when a calorie deficit occurs. Nearly every diet is some variation of calorie restriction to achieve a calorie deficit

Eat breakfast Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It fills your stomach after a long night of sleep. Eating breakfast will make you more alert and energetic at the start of the day.

Skipping breakfast will result in unexpected and, at times, uncontrollable hunger later in the day. This hunger may then lead you to unwanted snacking. Furthermore, skipping breakfast might make you eat more than usual during lunch to satisfy the hunger. This could increase your overall calorie intake.

If you want a Great Diet to Lose weight easily and Healthy :



Why is the Best Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing Made From Organic Bamboo?

By Michael Rinchen

People today should make it their goal to select all natural clothes which are in synch with the environment. Bamboo viscose is the ideal choice for eco yoga wear for many reasons.

Cloth produced from bamboo fiber is unmistakably soft. Plenty of consumers like to compare it to cashmere or silk. The cause of this is because the bamboo fibers possess a round surface. This makes bamboo clothes very comfy, even for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric is quite moisture absorbent. That shows that when you are sweating bamboo will wick the sweat from your skin. You should feel more dry if you put on bamboo activewear for yoga or other exercise.

Bamboo clothing is permeated by tiny spaces that allow the fabric to vent. You can expect to feel cooler when wearing bamboo apparel in the hotter months. On the other hand in the cooler months, bamboo fabric acts as an excellent insulating layer to keep the wearer warm and cozy. Bamboo material is also shown to block approximately 98% of UV rays, so bamboo fabric helps save your skin from the sun.

The wonderful bamboo plant contains a natural antimicrobial bio-agent which is called bamboo kun. The anti-microbial abilities of the bamboo plant are still at work in bamboo textiles. You are going to see that bamboo clothing, towels, and sheets prevent the growth of bacteria. Your bamboo activewear is going to smell more fresh and clean for much longer than apparel from other materials. This makes organic yoga wear from bamboo such a perfect choice. Lots of people opt to get bamboo lingerie and bath towels for this reason.

Bamboo is without a doubt one of the fastest growing plants you can find, but do you know that it is actually a kind of giant grass, and not a variety of tree? That means all the distinct bamboo plants are joined by a root network under the surface. Only the culms that have grown for 3 years are removed for harvest, while the others are left to mature. In this way plants can always be collected in a sustainable way in the same environment year after year. Moreover, bamboo has a natural defense against insects and fungus. So its a crop that can thrive in an organic setting without any unnatural pesticides that cause damage to the environment.

Bamboo also gives much back to the air and soil as it is growing. A single acre of bamboo plantation changes a larger amount of carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen than a comparable area of hardwood forest. The interconnected root network of a bamboo forest helps keep moisture within the ground and avoid erosion. Bamboo will grow on uneven terrain where most other crops are not likely to grow. The bamboo grown for clothing requires only rainwater for its water needs. In contrast, cotton is an extremely water-intensive crop. It requires several tons of water to obtain merely a single pound of cotton.

Well now you know, bamboo is a remarkable plant holding lots of benefits as a clothing product. Those who are concerned about the environment are going to feel happy about dressing in clothing made from bamboo. It is excellent for anyone doing yoga, pilates, or any style of exercise. Bamboo clothing absorbs moisture, so you are going to feel more comfortable. While at the same time, bamboo material reduces bacteria growth. So your exercise clothes will avoid building odors. Additionally, bamboo clothing is so soft that you will not want to put on anything else.

The Pregnancy Yoga Eagle Pose - What Are Its Benefits?

By Sam Milner

Would you like to join prenatal yoga classes? Is this practice safe during pregnancy? Millions of women from all over the world have discovered the benefits of prenatal yoga. This ancient form of exercise reduces back pain, improves balance, and tones the muscles. It can be practiced even by those with low back pain, asthma and sciatica. Pregnancy yoga supports emotional well-being and prepares your body your motherhood.

One of the best asanas for expectant moms is the pregnancy yoga eagle pose. This simple exercise stretches blood vessels and makes them stronger. It also reduces tension in the upper back and shoulders, increases flexibility, and improves focus. Also known as garudasana, the pregnancy yoga eagle pose supplies fresh blood to the reproductive system and improves your balance.

This standing pose is named after Garuda, the mythological Hindu "king of the birds." The word "garuda" stands for "eagle" in Sanskrit. The pregnancy yoga eagle pose will ease tension in your back and create space between your shoulder blades. It also increases blood flow to your reproductive organs. This asana is suitable for individuals with asthma or back pain too.

To practice this pose, keep your spine straight and breathe deeply. Raise your arms up to shoulder level with palms facing up. Cross your left elbow over the right in front f your body. Bend your knees and put all of your weight on your left leg. Place your right leg across your left leg. Hold five to ten breaths. Rest your backside on a wall if you have trouble with the balance.

When practiced regularly, this pose will strengthen your legs and joints. It will increase your lung capacity and improve breathing. It is recommended to practice this asana against a wall if you suffer from hypertension, headaches, or inner problems.

Health Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation

By Stephen Sulaski

Each of those yoga and additionally meditation are generally around for tens of thousands of years. To understand their connection, it allows you understand what each is individually. Yoga is a spiritual Hindu practice that comes with breath, a simple form of meditation and physical incorporation of the body to create the body and mind together, creating harmony. First introduced on the west in the early 1900's, as a result of mid one hundred year, yoga has grown exponentially with popularity and has now continued to cultivate during the last few several years.

Meditation is most beneficial described being a training of the mind to reach different amounts of consciousness and awareness. These numbers of consciousness can include access to portions of the neurological that control imagination, creativity, memory even more. Through meditation, these characteristics may be explored and possibly enhanced through practice. The health improvements of exercising and meditation certainly go together, but we should break the two main down, nevertheless.

Studies demonstrate the power of meditation to reduce blood pressure and perhaps, reverse the consequences of cardiovascular disease. Meditation has become used to help remedy chronic and substance abuse withdrawal cramps effectively. End result have recently been impressive; patients report feeling less discomfort when meditation may be introduced.Just check out for your free club fitness .

If anyone has ever received overwhelmed with stress, took a short while, stopped and additionally took a deep breath to remember has witnessed the capability of meditation to reduce stress. Meditations number one benefit is the ability to relax, fighting off anxiety and stress. Meditation has been explored together with implemented for their effectiveness meant for insomnia. So often insomnia is as a result of our power to slow your brain down, whereas meditations very best gift is to be able to do which means that.Just check out for your free weight machines .

The really nature with yoga and its form with exercise assists develop and physical balance, but as well fosters a great emotional balance to your mind.The main advantages of meditation pretty much seem inherent to the next of exercising, considering breathing is an integral part of the exercising practice. Some positive aspects are exclusive to yoga as a result of physical factors involved, but either are successful in bettering our health and wellness.

Exposing Common Myths About Dentist

There are several myths and misconception about the portland or dentist. These beliefs stirred fear among the people, most especially the young children. There are stories of horrifying experiences with dentists in wide circulation. The dental myths can be damaging because they hold the people from seeing a dentist due to unfounded fear. This neglect can aggravate your oral condition leading to more serious problems. If not properly taken care of, it may result to an expensive, complicated and painful surgery.

The best way to battle fear is logical reasoning. When you know the real truth, you can make informed choices. Here are a few misconceptions about dentists and their corresponding truths. This aims to help educate the patients of the importance visiting the dentists regularly. Break free from false beliefs.

The dentists are insensitive to their patient's feelings. Many inadvertently think that all a dentist have in mind is to finish the process and they do not consider how their patients feel. The truth is a dental practitioner has undergone a special training for supporting and working with nervous patients. They also use special products and methods to help a patient relax. A procedure will not end up well if the patient is not comfortable.

There are some who are also concerned of the present conditions of their mouth. They are afraid that the practitioner would be appalled with its degrading condition. The dentists are trained medical professionals. They have seen countless patients with far more dilapidated condition than yours. If you think your mouth is in bad shape, all the more reason you have to visit a professional.

Dentophobia can never be overcome. If you concede to fear, then you are defeated by it. The way you condition your mind affects how your body reacts. If you succumb to fear, then you can never overcome it. The surest way of overcoming your fear of dentists is by believing that you can.

Dental procedures are excruciatingly painful. There are distraction techniques, anesthesia and painkillers used to reduce the amount of pain a patient has to endure. The modern advancements in technology created painless injections, so the entire process is surprisingly pain-free. Furthermore, a moment of pain is much easier to endure than chronic toothache.


Dentists are needed only when a problem comes up. Even if you think that your teeth is okay, it is still advisable to undergo dental checkups. Prevention is definitely better than treatment. Take preventative measures to maintain your good oral health. Dealing with dental problems gets more complicated.

It is difficult to maintain a good oral health. Although it takes effort and dedication to maintain the oral health, it is not entirely difficult. Just remain proactive in taking the necessary steps and do not presume that it is in good shape. Simple steps like regular visit to a dental clinic, brushing two times a day and a balanced diet can do a lot in keeping your oral health at its prime.

Top Beginner Tips For Proper Yoga

By Carissa Glenn

An important activity that people can take advantage of when they are in dire need of an outlet for their stress is the yoga Temple. This is the kind of activity that involves executing moves for alleviating the stress in the person's body. To make use of the moves for this activity to alleviate his stress despite being a beginner, follow these tips.

The first thing to focus on is moving and breathing necessary for the said activity. Since the person is a beginner, it is natural to get used to moving and breathing according to the poses of the said activity first before he proceeds on the more complex part of the session. Learn the safety cues from his body when he is moving around too.

Think of when the poses will come in handy. It is actually a given for the said activity to come in handy in the person's day-to-day living. This is especially the case when his current lifestyle is too stressful. Be sure to set aside a little time for this practice and focus on tuning his tired body into a state of peacefulness.

There should be some variety for the said activity. If the activity is not spiced up enough, people might get bored with it and the activity might not become successful in relieving stress anymore. Think about doing it once every five minutes or do it every 20 minutes after every hour. Decide which one is suitable for the situation.

Build the body's foundation properly. It is important for the proper exectuition of the poses for this kind of activity. Start out with the sitting foundation and work it all the way up. This will be a good way to strengthen his foundation. Of course, pay close attention to those body parts connected to the ground.

Realize that breathing comes first. This basically means that the breathing is what will lead the movements. Start with inhaling, then proceed on moving. Start with exhaling, then proceed on moving. Regardless of whether the movement is big or small, this is usually the basic step-by-step routine of the the said activity.

The flexibility of the body will certainly improve with this kind of practice. For the first few practice sessions, it will be practically impossible for beginners to touch their the toes on their feet. However, this will gradually improve as the body becomes loose. This will then promote flexibility that even a backbend can be done.

Deep breathing is a must for this kind of practice. Doing the deep breathing properly allows the proper activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is associated with the sacral and cranial regions of the spinal cord. This certainly gives a jumpstarts the various calming systems within the body.

Know breath awareness. Be aware of where the breathing comes from. Most people might breathe from their upper chest. This flow of breathing actually just uses a third of a person's entire capacity of drawing energy and releasing pent-up stress. With yoga Temple, it is possible to use the entire capacity of the body for this.

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