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The Pregnancy Yoga Eagle Pose - What Are Its Benefits?

By Sam Milner

Would you like to join prenatal yoga classes? Is this practice safe during pregnancy? Millions of women from all over the world have discovered the benefits of prenatal yoga. This ancient form of exercise reduces back pain, improves balance, and tones the muscles. It can be practiced even by those with low back pain, asthma and sciatica. Pregnancy yoga supports emotional well-being and prepares your body your motherhood.

One of the best asanas for expectant moms is the pregnancy yoga eagle pose. This simple exercise stretches blood vessels and makes them stronger. It also reduces tension in the upper back and shoulders, increases flexibility, and improves focus. Also known as garudasana, the pregnancy yoga eagle pose supplies fresh blood to the reproductive system and improves your balance.

This standing pose is named after Garuda, the mythological Hindu "king of the birds." The word "garuda" stands for "eagle" in Sanskrit. The pregnancy yoga eagle pose will ease tension in your back and create space between your shoulder blades. It also increases blood flow to your reproductive organs. This asana is suitable for individuals with asthma or back pain too.

To practice this pose, keep your spine straight and breathe deeply. Raise your arms up to shoulder level with palms facing up. Cross your left elbow over the right in front f your body. Bend your knees and put all of your weight on your left leg. Place your right leg across your left leg. Hold five to ten breaths. Rest your backside on a wall if you have trouble with the balance.

When practiced regularly, this pose will strengthen your legs and joints. It will increase your lung capacity and improve breathing. It is recommended to practice this asana against a wall if you suffer from hypertension, headaches, or inner problems.

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