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Why is the Best Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing Made From Organic Bamboo?

By Michael Rinchen

People today should make it their goal to select all natural clothes which are in synch with the environment. Bamboo viscose is the ideal choice for eco yoga wear for many reasons.

Cloth produced from bamboo fiber is unmistakably soft. Plenty of consumers like to compare it to cashmere or silk. The cause of this is because the bamboo fibers possess a round surface. This makes bamboo clothes very comfy, even for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric is quite moisture absorbent. That shows that when you are sweating bamboo will wick the sweat from your skin. You should feel more dry if you put on bamboo activewear for yoga or other exercise.

Bamboo clothing is permeated by tiny spaces that allow the fabric to vent. You can expect to feel cooler when wearing bamboo apparel in the hotter months. On the other hand in the cooler months, bamboo fabric acts as an excellent insulating layer to keep the wearer warm and cozy. Bamboo material is also shown to block approximately 98% of UV rays, so bamboo fabric helps save your skin from the sun.

The wonderful bamboo plant contains a natural antimicrobial bio-agent which is called bamboo kun. The anti-microbial abilities of the bamboo plant are still at work in bamboo textiles. You are going to see that bamboo clothing, towels, and sheets prevent the growth of bacteria. Your bamboo activewear is going to smell more fresh and clean for much longer than apparel from other materials. This makes organic yoga wear from bamboo such a perfect choice. Lots of people opt to get bamboo lingerie and bath towels for this reason.

Bamboo is without a doubt one of the fastest growing plants you can find, but do you know that it is actually a kind of giant grass, and not a variety of tree? That means all the distinct bamboo plants are joined by a root network under the surface. Only the culms that have grown for 3 years are removed for harvest, while the others are left to mature. In this way plants can always be collected in a sustainable way in the same environment year after year. Moreover, bamboo has a natural defense against insects and fungus. So its a crop that can thrive in an organic setting without any unnatural pesticides that cause damage to the environment.

Bamboo also gives much back to the air and soil as it is growing. A single acre of bamboo plantation changes a larger amount of carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen than a comparable area of hardwood forest. The interconnected root network of a bamboo forest helps keep moisture within the ground and avoid erosion. Bamboo will grow on uneven terrain where most other crops are not likely to grow. The bamboo grown for clothing requires only rainwater for its water needs. In contrast, cotton is an extremely water-intensive crop. It requires several tons of water to obtain merely a single pound of cotton.

Well now you know, bamboo is a remarkable plant holding lots of benefits as a clothing product. Those who are concerned about the environment are going to feel happy about dressing in clothing made from bamboo. It is excellent for anyone doing yoga, pilates, or any style of exercise. Bamboo clothing absorbs moisture, so you are going to feel more comfortable. While at the same time, bamboo material reduces bacteria growth. So your exercise clothes will avoid building odors. Additionally, bamboo clothing is so soft that you will not want to put on anything else.

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